Called to make visible the love of our
good and provident God

Sisters of Notre Dame

called to community for mission

Sisters of Notre Dame

transformed by our life of prayer

Sisters of Notre Dame

inspired by Mary

Sisters of Notre Dame

enlivened by a spirit of joyful simplicity

Sisters of Notre Dame

committed to missionary outreach

Sisters of Notre Dame

with you on the journey

Sisters of Notre Dame Catholic Women Religious Vocations

How Are You Being Called?

We're glad you're interested in exploring how you are being called to live out your vocation and learn more about the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Get to know a few of the Sisters of Notre Dame in the United States and how they responded to the call uniquely. Today they live in joyful simplicity, united with a global community of nearly 2,000 Sisters of Notre Dame. Throughout the scriptures we are reminded that God has a unique design for each of our lives. Contact us to start the conversation.

If you're looking for a chance to meet the Sisters of Notre Dame and those in your faith community, come to one of our upcoming events.

It's National Vocation Awareness Week!

This week we'll be traveling and promoting vocations in a special way from Nov. 3-9, 2019, which is an annual week-long opportunity to increase our Catholic community's promotion of vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life.

Our Vocation Team will be traveling throughout the country this week to meet and greet others on their faith journeys, to share our vocation stories, facilitate retreats, make presentations to parish groups, and reach out to young adults at colleges and universities.

Want us to come visit you? Just email us at

"O how good is the good God!"

- Saint Julie Billiart, Spiritual Mother

“The poorer and more neglected the little ones are, the greater the love with which we receive them.”

-Sister Maria Aloysia, Foundress

“That you have conversed with God should be evident in your loving manner to others.”

-Sister Maria Ignatia, Co-Foundress

"Our whole manner must show that is is worthwhile to give one's entire life for Christ."

- Sister Mary Raphaelita, Former Superior General

"What good is all the work if prayer does not draw down God's blessings upon it?"

-Sister Maria Aloysia, Foundress

"Have a heart as wide as the world!"

-Saint Julie Billiart, Spiritual Mother

"Only that which comes from the heart can reach the heart." 

-Father Bernard Overberg, Assisted in Founding the Congregation

"The value of prayer is tested not by the way we feel, but by the way we live." 

-Sister Mary Benedict, Former Provincial Superior