Called to make visible the love of our
good and provident God

Prayer Resources

Recommended Scripture

Spend some time reflecting on 1 Sam.3:1-10. Notice how Samuel shares his experience with Eli. Notice how Eli directs Samuel to listen to God.

The psalms are prayer poems in which the psalmist pours out his/her heart, with its desires and feelings. Slowly read one or more of the following psalms. Notice what the psalmist shares with God. You may be moved to create your own prayer poem based on your desires and feelings.

  • Praise and thanksgiving – Ps. 111, 92
  • Waiting – Ps. 130
  • Trust – Ps. 91, 131
  • In times of worry, loneliness, doubt and fear – Ps. 37, 73, 62, 26, 23
  • Asking for healing or guidance – Ps.6, Ps. 27: 1, 14; Ps. 32:8
  • God is always near – Ps. 139

Come and See

We welcome vocation discerners at any time of the year for a visit. You are welcome to join with us for anything from evening prayer and fellowship to longer convent stays. To learn more about opportunities to experience our work and prayer contact the Vocation Director nearest you.

“I hope that you come to find that which gives life a deep meaning for you. Something worth living for – maybe even worth dying for, something that energize you, enthuses you, enables you to keep moving ahead. I can’t tell you what it might be – that’s for you to find, to choose, to love. I can just encourage you to start looking and support you in the search.” Ita Ford, M.M.