Called to make visible the love of our
good and provident God



The Sisters of Notre Dame find it a privilege to journey with persons seeking to grow in their spiritual lives.

Retreat Centers:

Bethany Retreat Center - Chardon, Ohio

Lial Renewal Center - Whitehouse, Ohio


Spirituality Websites:

God Seeker - For those interested in discernment


Looking for a Spiritual Director?  Contact one of the Vocation Directors for help finding a Sister of Notre Dame near you who is a Spiritual Director.

Profiles in Ministry: Sisters Mary Leanne Hubbard

Kathleen and Leanne copy 2Even before I became a sister, I was a God-seeker, and I was fortunate to be mentored in the spiritual life by priests and faithful laypeople. Eventually I found a spiritual director with whom I meet every month who has helped me well over 20 years to recognize God's presence and work in my life. Then I myself became a spiritual "director," such a misnomer, since it is rather GOD who directs this ministry. Many people seek a deeper connection with God, and greater clarity about meaning and direction in their lives. From my experience, it is helpful to have someone to listen to the Spirit's movements within, as these movements may be so subtle that we often do not trust what we hear as possibly coming from God.

Besides my regular ministry as a seminary professor and formator, I frequently meet individuals and small groups of people who would like to deepen their spiritual life and find direction in their lives. God, however, does not confine Godself to the realm of the "spirit." God uses every part of our lives: relationships, thoughts, work, our health, etc. Generally, I use two images to help others understand the ministry. Sometimes I feel like a marriage counselor with the individual and God in the room, both seeking to understand the other better, and I am the facilitator of the conversation. Sometimes I feel like a safari leader pointing out the wonders in the thickets, "did you notice that...oh, how lovely (or dangerous)."

The more I accompany others on the inner life, the more my life and relationship with the living God is enriched. This ministry of spiritual direction convinces me again and again that God is truly real, tangible, palpable....worth pursuing diligently.