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Archive for November 2019

Profiles in Ministry: Sister Kathleen McDonnell, SND

I became interested in adult literacy as a ministry when I looked for an alternative to high school teaching. At Al-Anon Family Group meetings, a program where friends and family members share their experiences and learn how to apply the principles of the Al‑Anon program to their individual situations, many women said since joining the…

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Profiles in Ministry: Sister Mary Luann Bender, SND

Sister Mary Luann Bender, SND, serves as the Mission and Ministry Coordinator at St. Charles Community (SCC) for over 40 years on behalf of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Both her parents and several family members have been residents of St. Charles Community. In reflecting on her ministry at St. Charles, she says, “Truly, my…

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Profiles in Ministry: Sister Dean Pfahler, SND

Ever since I got my first pair of glasses at age 12, I knew I had been missing way too much.  Distinguishing one leaf from another on trees was just the first eye-opener. From then on, life became one revelation after another.  I didn’t want anything to elude me: not the intricacies of the natural…

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