Called to make visible the love of our
good and provident God

Responding to Today's Needs

Formed by a rich tradition in the ministry of education, the Sisters of Notre Dame continue to provide quality educational experiences for peoples of all ages from early childhood through adulthood.

The Sisters of Notre Dame promote the dignity of every human person. Many sisters participate in a variety of social outreach programs in their local areas.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are engaged in pastoral services in parishes, schools and hospitals tending to persons' spiritual and emotional needs.

The Sisters of Notre Dame participate in the healing ministry of Jesus by respecting each person's human dignity, caring for the health of the whole person, giving preference to those experiencing poverty and marginalization, and providing health care to all.

The Sisters of Notre Dame seek to respond to the spiritual needs of young adults through various programs and activities. The sisters network with established organizations within the church.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are striving to form persons who are skilled and committed to the transformation of society by being witnesses to and catalysts for peace and justice for all people, especially those on the margins of society and for the responsible care of God's creation.

The Sisters of Notre Dame accompany persons seeking to deepen their relationship with Christ through spiritual direction and retreats.

As writers and artists, many Sisters of Notre Dame look to reflect God's goodness through creative images and words.

“The sisters keep me updated with new programs and classes to expand my understanding and to learn more of the faith. They are a joy to be around and to know.”

-Jackie Smith, Associate

“I have served on many non-profit committees and I have never witnessed anything as effective as the impact the sisters have in breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering others.”

-Mike Meadows, Employee

“As a wife, mother, writer, daughter, sister and friend, I can sometimes go at a pace faster than is comfortable for everyone around me. Meeting once a week with Sister Marie forces me to put God in the limelight and everything else in the wings, at least for an hour. ”

-Lisa Finn

"The Sisters of Notre Dame are an amazing group of women who are committed to community, justice and bringing the Good News of the Gospel message and God's love to all they encounter. They have incredibly enriched and blessed my life through my interactions with them and taught me what it looks like to be a true woman of faith." 

-Lauren Farrell, Young Adult