Called to make visible the love of our
good and provident God

Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation


The Sisters of Notre Dame have chosen to make public, deliberate statements on our convictions on the following issues:

  • Corporate Stance on Water: As Sisters of Notre Dame, we proclaim “water as a basic right for life,” and pledge to reverence water as a sacred gift. We act to ensure water as a right for all, especially the poor and marginalized.
  • Corporate Stance regarding Comprehensive Immigration Reform:   The Sisters of Notre Dame stand in solidarity with and advocate for immigrants and refugees.
  • Corporate Stance against Sweatshops: The Sisters of Notre Dame affirm our belief in the human dignity of the worker and resolve to promote awareness of unjust labor practices and work to change them.
  • Corporate Stance on Human Trafficking: The Sisters of Notre Dame oppose the trafficking of women, children and men for the purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labor or any other reason. We commit ourselves to provide education to prevent trafficking and work to assist victims of human trafficking.
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Profiles in Ministry: Shoe Drive


Shoe Drive JPICThe Sisters of Notre Dame Toledo Province collected 24,258 pairs of shoes and 9,254 purses to provide funds to support a water filtering project for the people of Peten, Guatemala! The SND Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) committee sponsored the Donation Drive and Sr. Kathleen Hood and Sr. Frances Marie Penwell organized the efforts.

The SNDs worked through Clean Water Mission, an organization that ensures donations are repurposed for sale in developing world countries, helping to grow micro businesses and local economies, while decreasing the load on local landfills.  “We’ve had great help with donating and sorting the items we received.  Even the local Easter Seal Savers stores and Goodwill Thrift stores donated to the project. People donated things they would throw away, but when they brought them to us the benefit reached far beyond Toledo,” said Sr. Frances Marie.            

 “Water filters for the people of Peten, Guatemala where Sister of Notre Dame, Pamela Marie Buganski was in ministry. Sr. Pamela Marie informed us that a lot of the water there has bacteria which can make young children very sick. Helping to provide clean water to Guatemalans was the inspiration for this drive,” concluded Sr. Frances Marie.